Help us catch some Catfish!

The documentary "Catfish" (and subsequent MTV show), and the recent news involving the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax shows us that people using fake internet profiles is more of an epidemic than anyone ever imagined. The purpose of this blog is to expose potential Catfish and alert the real owners to their pictures being used fraudulently.

To report a potental Catfish, please email, or follow the "submit" instructions on this blog.

*DISCLAIMER* We are in no way affiliated with the MTV show Catfish. This page is run by a former catfish victim who, after a year of harassment, was successful in uncovering the truth about their catfish. Getting catfished is incredibly traumatic and no one deserves to experience the shame and humiliation that comes with it. This page is for those who wish that there was someone who could help but can't afford a private investigator and are not willing to contact MTV and have their personal info made public. Your personal information will never be revealed. Your anonymity will be maintained.
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